Your Favourite Beach Spray Just Got A Major Upgrade

There's a reason Bumble and bumble's Surf Spray enjoys cult status. Hairstylists and consumers have been spritzing the stuff on their strands since 2001. And, for 14 years, the product has remained unchanged. But, your go-to spray is getting a makeover.

Say hello to Surf Infusion.

Surf Infusion's formula is salt suspended in oil. Shake the bottle, spritz it on, and you've got beach waves without the crunch.

"Surf Infusion is less drying on coarse or color-treated hair types, and creates a smoother, softer wave,"

"Many surfers already apply different oils to their hair before they hit the waves in an effort to protect their locks from sun and salt-water damage, so Bb. felt it was time to bottle that." The crunchy, sticky texture of most beach sprays was a common gripe until dry sprays started hitting the market, promising that fresh-from-the-beach, messy look without the grit. With Surf Infusion, everyone can snag some surfer-chic texture.
What: A salt-in-oil innovation, this mellow mix of tropical oils and texturizing sea salts creates soft, sea-tossed waves with sheen.

Who: Anyone looking for soft, touchable waves. Swell for dry or coarse types.

When: Anytime.

How: Shake well to thoroughly blend the salt and oil bi-phase formula. Spray evenly on damp or dry hair, focusing on the mid-lengths to ends. Style and let dry. For more volume, diffuse. Pairs well with the original Surf Spray at the roots.